Baby Care Play Mat Black Friday 2013 Deals & Review

One of the hottest gifts and Black Friday deals for 2013 is the awesome Baby Care Play Mat from Baby Care!

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Babies love Baby Care’s Play Mats! They are perfect for learning, exploration and general play. What makes it such a perfect fit? The mat is padded and safe for children from infant age until school age. It will last for years and years, providing lots of great memories along the way. It’s safe for kids to learn to play and walk on and parents can breathe easy when they are a few tumbles on their Baby Care Play Mat.

Not only is the Play Mat padded, but it’s cushiony surface is super easy to clean. Kids can be messy and the Baby Care mat is prepared to always rebound from the toughest messes.

With the total surface measuring out at 82 inches wide and 55 inches tall, the mat will grow will your kids as they get older. It’s lead free and BPA free as well!

Models and landscapes for the BabyCare Play Mat’s include Busy Farm and TinyLove.

With it’s cute and imaginative design and excellent entertainment value, the Babycare Play Mats make an excellent gift for kids during Black Friday shopping season or later on in the 2013 holidays.

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