Black Friday Auto Parts Deals for 2014

There are a number of awesome auto parts and car parts deals for Black Friday 2014! I’m very excited with what I’ve seen so far in terms of deals and special sales for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I’ll keep adding new ones into this post as I gather them from around the web. Leave a comment below with any deals that you find. So far, we’ve got awesome discounts that apply to any order from, money-saving tires deals from Walmart and discounted car parts and supplies from Amazon. Autozone, Pep Boys and other retailers will have local specials and discounts as well.

Update September 23, 2014: Believe it or not, Black Friday 2014 is just around the corner! Everybody’s favorite time of the year to save money on car parts and auto accessories is going to arrive before we know it. There are plenty of strong deals to come from all of the top auto retailers. We’ll keep this page up to date with any of the latest deals, coupons, savings and more. More retailers than ever are expected to offer killer deals in the auto parts space. It’s going to be exciting! has teamed up with Black Friday Tech to offer a special 5% discount for all orders over 150%. offers amazing car parts and better than market prices. Check them out below:


Legendary automotive company JC Whitney has also joined forces and are offering tons of deals this shopping season. Read our full post on JC Whitney Black Friday deals.


Update November 13, 2013: Here’s some awesome deals on new tires from Walmart’s official Black Friday ad flyer:


View automotive deals on Amazon & save money today!

While Black Friday can be the perfect time to cash in on great deals on tech products, the savings go far beyond computers, laptops, cameras and other electronics goodies.

Auto parts can also be bought at a nice discount on Black Friday! Car parts can cost you an arm and a leg throughout the year so stocking up on auto parts during the big shopping day is a great idea. Whether you are in need of some new car parts or are stocking up for the future, Black Friday is an awesome time to buy them!

There are a bunch of different ways to snag deals on auto parts for Black Friday! First off, you can check your local auto parts stores to see if they are offering any specials at their store. Local parts stores usually don’t have lines out of the door on the day after Thanksgiving like electronics and clothing stores do.

Some stores that you could look at around your town: Advanced Auto Parts, NAPA, Autozone, O’Reilly and Pep Boys. Usually, Black Friday deals at auto parts stores will offer discounts on items like oil, wiper blades, brake pads and other parts that you can use for car maintenance. All of these stores advertise their Black Friday deals online, through local mailers and other print advertisements in your local area. You can always call the store in your town and ask them what sort of specials they are offering.

If you don’t feel like venturing out over the holiday, there are also tons of Black Friday deals online for auto parts. A lot of the retailers mentioned above also allow you to buy their products online. You can typically review a wider variety of parts and options online instead of solely relying on what is in stock at your local store.

Shop online & money on car parts


Outside of those same retailers, you can also find auto parts deals at big ecommerce retailers online, namely Amazon and Walmart. These two sites offer some excellent deals throughout the year, but the discounts are especially tempting on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Amazon has really beefed up their automotive offerings in recent years and their selection system makes it so easy to find the exact parts you need based on vehicle make, model and year. Shipping costs are low and you can definitely find the exact part that you need.

Walmart is name that everybody knows. Their low prices carry through to their automotive section as well! Walmart is a great place to buy tires especially. You can order you parts online and have them either shipped directly to you or shipped to your local Walmart. Depending on your preference, either of these can be super convenient.

The advantage of buying online is that you can usually get a better deal if you shop around between sites like Amazon and Walmart. Even with shipping costs, you are virtually guaranteed of getting the exact auto parts that you need for a low cost. Unless you have to physically look at and examine a particular part (if you are buying something you’ve never bought before, for instance), I would recommend looking online first for your Black Friday auto parts deals in 2013. There are going to be some awesome savings for car junkies!

Make the most of Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the holiday shopping season! Even if your peak car repair time is in the summer, stocking up on routine parts now will pay big dividends in your bank account.

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