Cards Against Humanity Black Friday Deal 2013

Discount: Buy now on Amazon for $35.99 $25!

The party game for horrible people: meet Cards Against Humanity…one of the top selling gifts and games for the 2013 holiday season. This game is brash, offensive, awkward and hilarious. It can be super fun to play with your friends.

You will definitely laugh a lot with Cards Against Humanity…that is for sure!

The basis of the game is very similar to the extremely popular Apples To Apples. Cards Against Humanity is like Apples To Apples for immature and funny adults. The cards are all ‘loaded’ and ready to make you laugh. From super awkward combinations to politically incorrect, Cards Against Humanity is Apples To Apples on steroids and is the best party game for 2013!

Amazon has a great Black Friday deal for Cards Against Humanity. You can also look for discounts at local game stores.

Discount: Buy now on Amazon for $35.99 $25!


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