Gamestop Black Friday Ad 2013: Leaked version surfaces

Gamestop, the top name in retail video game sales, has had their advertisement flyer for Black Friday 2013 leaked! We’ve got all of the images here, along with the amazing video game deals that Gamestop is offering.

Gamestop has been the best place to get Black Friday deals on video games for several years and 2013 looks to be no exception. The pictures below of Gamestop’s Black Friday ad show tons of savings to be had on latest video game releases, consoles and accessories. There are also lots of bundle deals this year.

Gamestop’s holiday hours may vary based on location so check with your local Gamestop franchise to see when you can score these Black Friday discounts!







Here’s a look at the deals that Gamestop is offering for Black Friday 2013:

XBOX 360 250GB Bundle – $199
Includes a black XBOX 360 with wireless controller, Halo 4 and Tomb Raider. Savings of over $140.

PS3 250GB Bundle – $199
Includes a slim 250GB Play Station 3 with Batman Arkham  Origins and The Last of Us (awesome game).

Limited quantities of XBOX One and Play Station 4

Battlefield 4 – $29.99

Disney Infinity Figures – Buy one get one free

Just Dance 2014 – $19.99

Pre-owned Ninendo Wii Console – $39.99

Call of Duty Ghosts – $49.99

XBOX One: Forza Motorsport 5  - $59.99

XBOX One: Deadrising – $59.99

XBOX One: Ryse – $59.99

XBOX One: Zoo – $59.99

Assassins Creed III – $14.99

WWE 2K14 – $39.99

Sniper Elite – $14.99

Payday 2: $19.99

Camo XBOX 360 Controller – $39.99

Forza Horizon – $29.99

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City – $14.99

Elder Scrolls: Skyrim – $14.99

PS4 DualShock Controller – $59.99

Madden 25 – $39.99

Fifa 14 – $39.99

NHL 14 – $39.99

NCAA Football 14 – $39.99

LEGO Marvel – $29.99

Jak & Dexter PS3 Bundle – $249.99

Trade in 2 games and get any new game for $9.99 or less

Gamestop Black Friday Ad 2013: Leaked version surfaces by

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