JC Penney & Macy’s Open On Thanksgiving for Black Friday 2013

Mega department stores JC Penney and Macy’s will both open their doors to customers on Thanksgiving Day in 2013. Macy’s hours on Thanksgiving will start at 8pm and many of the best bargains will be available to those who arrive on Thanksgiving evening.

JC Penney has followed suit and will open their doors at 8pm Thanksgiving Day as well. Traditionally, JC Penney has been one of the last stores to open their doors. In 2012, they first opened at 6am on Black Friday morning…later than nearly all of their competition.

JC Penney’s earnings have been down in 2013 and that played a large role in the firing of their CEO earlier this year.

As more stores open their doors on Thanksgiving Day every year, it is interesting to see a stalwart like JC Penney adapt their strategy and open up their stores much earlier than they did last year.

What do you think the future of Black Friday shopping is? Will department stores continue to be open on Thanksgiving Day or will the public rebel? As long as people keep lining up outside the doors, I think this is just the start of the holiday shopping season taking over Thanksgiving Day.

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